Hi! I’m Alyona, your eventual videographer.

Shooting video is an integral part of my whole life and here is how it has been developing.

Back in childhood, I used to shoot videos on my little brother’s 3MP camera and edit them in now vintage disc burning app called Nero. Later, I got involved with my husband while shooting a student short film together. I also vlogged and have been working on television.

Right now, I can’t imagine my life without a camera, recorder, lenses, filters and other tools – all that you hear in the discussions of video and audio professionals. However, the real magic of my work begins when I’m at the computer for video editing. A fairy tale is born at post production, and your day turns into a real movie.

I love the dynamics in the frame. It’s enjoyable to convey my vision of action through image and sound. I pay special attention to the work on these. I do my best so that you can hear the picture even with your eyes closed. I love wedding story genre and seek to show you something you might not even notice.

I can feel your breath, hear the dizzying beat of your heart, and am ready to capture your most important day in thousands of frames. I aspire to weave a necklace of your emotions so that you can pass it on to your future generations.

If we are on the same route, we’ll surely meet on the set!

алена гайдукова видеограф на свадьбу
wedding videographer
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видеограф киев
wedding videographer